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850 1 frontPRIMA 850 series is a new economical high quality opening system with simple straight line design. It is designed in order to create opening constructions, with simple or multi- locking mechanism providing water tightness, air permeability, perfect fit and safety.

Note: PRIMA 850 (Opening System) and PRIMA 800 (Sliding System) have a common aesthetic design and can be combined perfectly.


Technical Description

PRIMA 850 series is a new Economical Opening Frame System with Camera Europea Profiles and Camera Multilocking Mechanism profiles, all with simple straight lines design. The system has two sizes of sash (small-large), an adjoining profile and 23mm frame which are designed to cooperate with CAMERA EUROPEA mechanism. Respectively there are two sashes (small-large) an adjoining profile and 29mm frame designed to cooperate with MULTILOCKING MECHANISM.

  • The glass sash use single glass from 5mm and double glasses up to 37mm thickness
  • The door sashes are combined with plain locking mechanism or multilocking mechanism
  • Three series of gaskets achieve the sealing of the system
  • The punching process of the profiles is done in the punching machine of PRIMA
  • Wide range of accessories from the major European Companies covers every possible construction of the system


Technical Characteristics

Series: PRIMA 850
Alloy: EN AW 6060 T6
Tolerance according to: ΕΝ 12020-2
Glass Thickness: Use single or double glasses of 5mm to 37mm in thickness
Frame: 50mm in width and 23, 28 & 29mm in height
Sash: 58.5mm in width and 66.5, 94mm in height
Sash (multilocking): 59mm in width and 75.2, 100.4, in height
Adjoining profile: 53.3mm in width and 61mm in height
Adjoining profile (multilocking): 57.65mm in width and 61.5mm in height
Space between sash-frame: 5mm
Space between sash-frame (multilocking): 5.5mm
Central space between sashes: 5mm
Central space between sashes (multilocking): 5.5mm



  • Opening doors, windows, projected, reversion, fixed frames etc.


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