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EOS 78 Hybrid

EOS 78 HybridEOS 78 HYBRID is the latest thermal break opening system from EUROPA. The system combines a robust design with the perfect thermal break coefficient.

The system offers two types of profiles, one with straight line design for a modern aesthetic, and another one with angled edge design for a more classic aesthetic. The optional multilocking mechanism offers better security.


Basic Characteristics

  • Straight line and chamfered design profiles
  • Use of 42mm polyamides
  • Safety profiles using multilocking mechanism for maximum security
  • Emphasis on minimal design with optional hidden sash profile
  • Increased thermal and sound insulation
  • Double or triple glass available up to 70mm
  • Extra insulation around the glass pane
  • Extra insulation between the polyamides
  • Full recyclable double-extrusion rubber (EPDM-Expanded EPDM) for maximum thermal insulation


Construction Types

  • Entrance doors
  • Opening windows (tilting or not)
  • Opening windows with hidden sash
  • Fixed glazing
  • Composite typologies


Technical Characteristics

Aluminium alloy: EN AW 6060 T6
Hardness: 12 Webster
Minimum coating thickness: 75μm
Profile thickness: 1,3-2mm
Tolerance according to: EN 12020-02
Dimensions of frame: 78mm x 53mm
Dimensions of glass sash: 86mm x 75mm
Glazing thickness: 24-70mm
Polyamide width: 42mm
Thermal coefficient of frame: Uf=1,2-1,8W/m2K
Maximum sash dimensions (WxH): 1,0m x 2,3m
Maximum sash weight: 150kg


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