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kinoumenis 3The EUROPA PERGOLA series is an integrated shading system in the form of a pergola, that allows protection against the rain and solar radiation offering a unique cool “shadow” particularly during the summer.

The innovative design of the series is fully harmonised with every architectural style, while at the same time offering a significant saving of energy.


Technical Data Summary

  • Integrated shading system in pergola form
  • Fixed or adjustable shading wings
  • Manual or remote control use
  • Shading wings ups to 4 meters
  • Usage: For buildings and pergolas


Basic Characteristics

  • 4 wing profiles for shading
  • Option for pergola constructions or sunshade facades of buildings
  • Movable or fixed wing profiles
  • 2 wing profiles with rubber stripes on one side, seals pergola from the rain water
  • Water drainage profiles for effective removal of water for pergola systems. Use motors to move the wings and crank mechanism for manual movement
  • Available with motor use and hand crank


Construction Types

  • Construction pergola with moving or fixed wings
  • Traditional type pergola using cloth for shade
  • Construction of a pergola with a combination of wings and cloth for the shading



QUALICOAT: Certification process of the electrostatic paint


Technical Characteristics

Aluminium Alloy: AIMgSi-0.5 F22
Hardness: 12 Webster
Minimum coating thickness: 75μm
Profile thickness: 1,4 - 2,3mm
Tolerance according to: EN DIN 12020-02
Dimensions of the smallest column: 60mm x 80mm
Dimensions of the largest column: 60mm x 120mm
Width of fixed wing: 100mm
Width of watertight wing: 151mm
Width of fixed / movable wing: 200mm
Maximum columns distance: 3,0m


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200mm Moving Shading Flaps

By choosing the inclination of the shading flaps, the user can regulate the shading of the space. Also, the shading flaps can be tilted manually, using a crank.

150mm Moving Shading Flaps

Pergolas with 150 mm moving shading flaps, which are fitted with sealing gaskets upon closing, offering protection from rain. When the flaps are closed, the pergola offers protection from storm water. Storm water is drained from the pergola's cover by means of a special water drainage profile.

Model II - Moving Shade Wings SK 40

Pergola with moving shade wings of 143mm, move by a "special hidden gear mechanism" and have rubbers which seal the pergola when the wings are closed, in order to provide protection from the rain. Special water drainage profile, removes the water.


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